Famagusta (Ammochostas) A Town Held Hostage since 1974
Avenue Varosha   Famagusta
Famagusta   Famagusta -sealed off
Market Street - Varosha   Varosha Beachfront
Varosha   Varaosha
Varosha Hotel (Nothing changed since Sept 1974)   Beachfront (Once a Holday resort)

Greek Cypriot Homes (Now inacessable since Sept 1974)


(UN Buffer Zone - No Man's Land)

Nicosia Airport - Slight delay ????   Nicosia Departure Lounge
Nicosia International Airport (Sept 1974 still the same today!)   Arrivals lounge ???

Northern Cyprus

The Forbidden City of Varosha (Famagusta) has been left to rot since the Turkish Invasion on 20th July 1974, some Greek Cypriots have dared venture back to see what's left of "Their" Homes, see Covert Video's below.

See Youtube video's of Operation Atilla - See all parts here Atilla 74

The Truth Part 1 - The Truth Part 2 The Turkish Versions !!

The British Para's in Cyprus - Video's & photo's

The British Betrayal??

A Dream destroyed, But there's always HOPE!!

Video 1 - Famagusta (How it was) 8 Mins

Video 2 - Covert Visit to Varosha 8 Mins

Video 3 - Return Inside Varaosha Part 1 6 1/2 Mins

Video 4 - Return Inside varosha Part 2 6 1/2 Mins

Turkish troops out of Cyprus 5 Mins

British Troops in Cyprus 3 Mins

Ledra Street Opening - Nicosia 6 Mins

Dad in Nicosia 2008

Dad - Ledra Street Crossing Nicosia 2008

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